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About Our Barber Shop

D.S.Z. Barbers Inc. offers men an indulgent grooming experience in a masculine and luxurious environment. Our Master Barbers are expertly trained to provide a range of services using handpicked products to leave our clients feeling fresh and energized.  Our barber shop is filled with aged wood trimmings, leather-and-chrome barber chairs, antique barber poles, while shop heirlooms compliment the modern day luxuries. 


At D.S.Z. Barbers Inc., a man can have his whiskers shaven away while a manicurist tends to his cuticles. Our classic shave is a nostalgic treat with steaming hot towels, layers of shaving cream and a platinum blade that is likely to keep away your unwanted facial hair well into the next day. When you walk through the front door of D.S.Z. Barbers Inc. it is like taking a step back in time. 


D.S.Z. Barbers Inc. offers traditional, on time services preformed by only Master Barbers. Our Master Barbers follow all old-school barbershop traditions and are expertly trained to provide children’s specialty haircuts, classic gentlemen’s haircuts and straight-razor shaves to a distinguished clientele. Allow our barbers to welcome you to great services in a truly relaxing men’s atmosphere. We are proud to serve customers from Rockland, Bergen, and Westchester Counties.

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